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What Happens After the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition is Filed?

Within a few days of filing the Petition, the debtor’s attorney will receive the “Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors & Deadlines” from the Court.  Your attorney will forward it to you. This Notice is mailed to all of the creditors that were included in the filing. It is important to review this document for it contains critical information pertaining to the case including the case number, filing date, name and contact information for the trustee assigned to the case and the date, time and place for the meeting of creditors.

This document serves as notice to the creditors of the deadline for filing a complaint to object to the discharge of any debt owed to them under the bankruptcy filing. Upon receipt of this notice, most collection actions by the creditors must cease.

When you receive this notice, there are a few things to look for. First, review the name of the trustee and firm for which they are employed. If the attorney is someone that you have retained for any matter in the past, or has represented an opposing party in a suit against you, including a collection matter, be sure to notify your attorney immediately. Your attorney will contact the Court if there is a conflict and a new trustee will be assigned. A change in trustee will likely change the date and time of the meeting of creditors; again, you will be notified by the Court of the change.

You should also make note of the place where the meeting of creditors will occur and make sure that you know how to find the correct building and room.

Finally, the notice will provide information to you as to when you must complete the Debtor Education course.  Failure to complete this course may result in your case being dismissed without receiving a discharge of your debts.

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