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Top 5 Ways to Help Your Attorney

Making the decision to hire an attorney when faced with a dissolution matter is a good idea. Having a professional assist you with your case can make a significant difference. However, as the client, it is important to not just sit back and let your attorney do all the work.

1.  Be Open: Attorneys often have a series of questions that they ask all their clients through questionnaires and meetings. Often times, clients do not feel that the attorney needs to know all the details of every situation, just the basics. This is not always true. Many times, it is the details that can make the difference when drafting pleadings and affidavits to help the courts understand your situation.

2.  Be Honest:  Often times, an attorney must ask tough and personal questions. You should answer these questions truthfully and completely, even if it’s embarrassing. Clients may not want to reveal an action that they are not proud of. However, in most situations, it is better for the court to hear it from the client’s attorney then opposing counsel. This can lend credibility and show the judge that you are being open and honest with the court. Being surprised in a hearing is something that no attorney wants to have happen.

 3. Keep Appointments: In stressful situations, like dissolution, it may seem overwhelming to keep all of the appointments, court dates and other scheduled appointments. But it is very important to take the process seriously and show the court that you are responsible and reliable.

4.  Ask Questions: If there is something that has happened that you do not understand, or doesn’t agree with the case strategy that you have discussed, be sure to discuss it with your attorney. A good attorney will be willing to answer your questions and explain the reason for a filing, or what stage in the process the dissolution is in and what is likely to happen next.

5.  Be Engaged: Turning your case over to a legal professional can lighten the load. Knowing that you have someone you trust in your corner can be a great feeling. But try to remain engaged and be sure to discuss your desires for the outcome of the matter. That way you and your attorney can work together towards your desired outcome. Working as a team can make the process go much smoother.

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