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Social Media and Divorce

A growing number of divorce filings list a social media site as one of the instigators to the break-up of the marriage. A survey out from Divorce Online shows that one-third of all divorce filings have the word Facebook in them, and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers report that more than 80 percent of family law attorneys have seen a rise in divorce filings that are connected to social media sites.

The journey that begins when a relationship ends can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make to loosen the ties of the marriage. Beginning to unwind these ties is the beginning of gaining independence and establishing a new life. Although these decisions are never easy, a few like finances and living arrangements are apparent. Protecting ones privacy is not as obvious, and is often overlooked.

Social media sites provide an outlet for venting and letting others know snippets of current events and many feel that the information posted on these sites is private. However, these snippets of personal information are becoming a tool for attorneys in representing their clients in divorce proceedings. Snapshots, posts and other information have been used during settlement negotiations and even at trial. In fact, the AAML reports that as many as 81 percent of lawyers have used information from a social media site during a divorce proceeding.

Accounts like social media, one click shopping and mailing addresses are areas where steps to protect privacy are easy and most often free. It is important for individuals in the midst of divorce to change passwords for their social media sites and online banking and shopping accounts.  It is a good idea to apply for personal credit cards to begin to establish a credit history apart from your spouse. Then use these credit cards for online transactions.

Keeping and protecting private information from a spouse while in a divorce is a good idea. Taking the above steps toward gaining independence are just a few ways to make a fresh start. For more information about protecting your privacy during divorce contact Jessica Hafemeyer or another experienced family law attorney for advise on your personal situation.

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