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Parenting Classes under Minnesota Law

Under new Minnesota legislation, the number of couples who are required to take parenting classes during the dissolution process may grow exponentially. Currently, only couples with children in the midst of a contested divorce are required to take parenting classes.  Often, even these couples have been able to bypass the classes by completing documents requested by the courts.  This new legislation would require that most couples with children participate in educational courses offered by the courts.

Proponents of these classes believe that they benefit couples in the midst of dissolution by teaching ways to deal with the issues that come up even after the proceedings are final. Classes may discuss how to navigate the upcoming changes that follow a divorce and the parenting challenges that may accompany these changes. They will also likely offer information
on court processes, what to expect during the proceedings, child support, spousal support, property division and the ways in which dissolution can affect financial well-being.

Lawmakers are also hoping to make access to the classes easier, shorten the classes to 4 hours instead of 8 and even make the classes available online. Although the bill passed unanimously by the House committee it did not make it to the Senate this session for final approval. The measure will likely be voted on during the next legislation session and with support from both Republicans and Democrats it is thought it will pass.

Victims of domestic abuse will likely be exempt from the new requirements.

Although clients grumble about taking the current class offered, nearly 100% tell me that they learned valuable information from the class.

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