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Obtaining an Order for Protection (OFP)

An Order for Protection (OFP) can be a very important tool for a victim of domestic violence.  Its most important function is protecting the victim’s safety, which can be accomplished by removing the perpetrator from the shared home and prohibiting any further abuse by limiting contact between the victim and perpetrator.  If an OFP is in place, the police must arrest the perpetrator for violations and the violation is turned over to the County Attorney’s Office for prosecution. 

An OFP can also establish custody and parenting time rights, as well as child support.  Most OFPs last for one year, but they can be renewed under certain circumstances.

Once an OFP is filed, the court usually sets a hearing at which both parties have an opportunity to tell their respective sides of the story and present evidence.  It can be an intimidating process so the victim should have an advocate or experienced attorney present if she feels that she needs support.

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