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Faribault Attorney for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a way to gain a financial fresh start.  Filing bankruptcy stops collection efforts such as wage garnishments or bank levies.  It can postpone foreclosure proceedings and it WILL stop harassing phone calls from creditors.  Most debts are dischargeable, including credit cards and medical debt.

I’ve had phone calls recently from potential clients who have met with attorneys from the Twin Cities and found themselves dissatisfied with the experience.  They felt like a number or heard stories that their attorney didn’t even know who they were when they arrived for the Meeting of Creditors (the one hearing required in the bankruptcy process for most debtors).  Hiring an attorney from a smaller firm will give you a more personal experience. You will have met with me twice prior to your hearing.  I will be available to answer your questions as you are gathering documents or preparing for the hearing.

Please call for a free 30-minute consultation if you are wondering if chapter 7 bankruptcy could help you.

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