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Family Law: Parenting Plans and Holidays

For many divorcing couples, one of the most difficult discussions focuses on a parenting schedule. Deciding where a child will primarily live can be difficult, but with creative thinking and patience, it is possible to arrive at a parenting plan that will work for the family.

Each parenting plan is different. What will work best for each family varies based on work schedules, age and specific needs of the child’s personality and preferences.

Once a week to week plan is in place, it is important to begin discussing the holiday schedule. A well laid out, detailed holiday schedule can help parents avoid arguments in the future.  It is not easy to decide which parent will have the child on each holiday.

In many cases, parents will rotate special days. For example, one parent will have the children on Christmas Day in even numbered calendar years, and the other parent will have the children in the odd years.  This practice allows each parent to continue family traditions and celebrate important days in their children’s lives. The same is often true with birthdays, spring breaks and other special days throughout the year, creating a cohesive detailed parenting plan.

With diligence and a willingness to be creative about parenting, it is possible to arrive at a plan that will allow each parent to spend meaningful time with the children and extended family during the year and on holidays.

If you are contemplating dissolution and are concerned about the development of a parenting following the divorce, contact my office to discuss the possibility of a creative parenting plans.

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