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Child Support Enforcement

If you have been awarded child support payments in your dissolution or custody case, but you have not been receiving payments, there are resources that can assist in ensuring that court ordered support payments are made on a regular basis.

The most common method is through direct deduction from the non-custodial parent’s paychecks. Employers cooperate with county agencies to ensure that required support payments are sent to the custodial parent.  These required support obligations include basic support, medical support and child care support.

Although this may be the easiest way to ensure support obligations are met, you must apply to the County to enforce the child support order.  You must have a judgment and decree ordering the child support.

A non-custodial parent is not required to participate in automatic withholding if the parents can arrive at a mutually agreeable payment strategy that is reviewed and approved by the court during the dissolution proceeding. In some rare situations, the courts will determine that automatic withholding is not in the best interest of the children.

For assistance in enforcement of a child support order, please seek legal counsel to explore possible action that can be taken to assist in obtaining the financial support that has been ordered by the court.

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